Who a real Entrepreneur is

This is a post I have wanted to do for a couple days, but I just didn’t get around to it. I blame the allure of evil, AKA classic World of Warcraft of which I still am binge drinking. (Level 17 Whats up.)

The other day I took my car over to my buddy’s shop to get a mudflap fixed. One had come off due to the snowy weather and it needed to be re-bolted. Problem was I had lost one of the clamps that hooked it together and I didn’t want to wait around re-ordering one tiny part so I figured I’d see if my friend could come up with a crafty solution to my little problem.

I took the car over and he checked out the flap and said that it would be no big deal and that he already had an idea of how to rig it. However, soon we weren’t talking about my car but rather his business. I could tell he wanted to talk about it and it was interesting so I listened. He gave me his whole backstory about how his friend and himself had started renting the garage they worked out from his Dad as his father had relocated to a larger garage for his work but he still the lease on the current building. He offered to sublease it to his son and his friend with the idea that they could work on their cars there.

At first it was just the two of them working on their own project cars, but soon friends started having them work on theirs. Then the word had spread and people in the local car scene were going to them for help. And then before they knew it there was me. A total random as their customer.

From the outside this sounds great. These guys start a little shop and it blossoms and now they have a business. The problem though is just that. To one of them it is a business, to the other who knows, and only he knows what he thinks it is. But now this is a problem because the two are at a crossroad. The one that I talked to wants to expand the business and he wants to bring in more customers. In fact that is what he does. He hustles every day while he works his main job and advertises for their shop. The other guy doesn’t do the same, and yet the two guys split the profits. So now they are at a crossroads because one is an entrepreneur and the other is not. It’s not about being an owner of a business or having a business card or a fancy desk. Entrepreneurship is about risking your time/capital/self on an idea that could yield financial returns. An entrepreneur is always looking to improve his business and find ways to make more money. This is what my friend does and I really hope he succeeds.

The tough challenge for him though is that his co-owner does not have the same fire as him. And he is one of his close friends to boot. This is not to say that he has character issues or that he does not know anything about cars, rather this is totally to the contrary; he is a good mechanic and a solid guy. The problem though is that that is not enough to being a successful entrepreneur. He needs to have the same fire that my friend has if they are going to be able to succeed their shop. Without that it is going to be at the very least a rocky road.

Friendship and business can be hard things to mix as the two subjects differ greatly. A great friend may be a terrible business partner and likewise a great business partner may be a terrible friend. Regardless I hope that my friend figures his dilemma  out and that the shop succeeds. The two of them do great work and I love bringing my car there. Either they can work it out among themselves and come to a solution or maybe they will have to go their separate ways. We shall see how it goes and I wish them the best.

Hanging out with my friend that night was special though. It was a real life example of someone, a real person, struggling through the trials that entrepreneurs often have to take. Being successful is hard and at times it even comprises friendships. It is a serious venture and it takes dedication. It’s not about the look, the desk, the title, the business card, but rather it is about the risk and mentality to evolve your project and make it succeed in whatever field that may be, whether it is an iphone-app startup or a local car shop. If you are an entrepreneur or if you want to be one, remember it is about caring about your idea and making it actually work: not about looking the part.

Best of luck,



IRL Streams

Today I had my first foray into the world of IRL streaming. I started my show off with the attempt of live blogging which failed instantly as I just flat cannot talk and write simultaneously. However all was not lost. With the aid of my chat we quickly recovered the show and gave it exciting new content: manbuns.


We tried to find pictures of Einstein with a manbun but we just kept getting Hitlers with manbuns. The internet really is a strange place. Regardless we moved on to Jared Leto (naturally) and then to a discussion on tattoos. From there we watched the trailer to M Night Shamamanananamamalyan’s Split and next we were watching video explanations of how clutches work. In essence, the stream was totally random. Oh, and I forgot to mention that somewhere in there I did a kid’s Physics Homework. High school was a long time ago but damn I still got it baby.

In my opinion the show was a total hit. There was a smaller crowd than usual but I honestly think it will grow larger in the coming weeks/months. Interaction with chat was always what I prided my stream on when it was good, and with the focus being entirely on chat now that I no longer have to even play video games is going to be great. At the very least I am going to give IRL streaming a solid attempt even if some of these days bring low turnout. It’s going to be fun regardless. I don’t know if I want to keep doing homework though. I feel like I used my brain too much today. But it’s okay I am busily killing off more brain cells via Vanilla World of Warcraft to counterbalance the positive mental exercise of today.

As for tomorrow I am going to do another IRL stream. I plan for it to be news related. Today was called “Real Talk” which is a great stream title, but I need a different one for tomorrow. I have not decided on the name title yet but I am leaning towards “Objective Bias.”

Tune in Tomorrow. Get Woke.

If you have an idea – go for it

Today I had a slow stream. It wasn’t terrible, but it was slower than my past streams. Partly this was due to it being a monday, partly this was due to my inconsistency last week because I was sick, and partly because it just was slow. It got me thinking. I need a new idea. I can’t just do the same show day after day. That gets old. So I thought. I came up with a few ideas, but none really looked like they were money. Until I just got this new one: Blog live.

I love interacting with my chat. It is the single most fun part of streaming to me and honestly it is why I stream. Streaming would not be fun without it, and the days when chat is dead, like today, are the most boring times I experience as streamer. This got me thinking. I’m going to combine my blog with my stream. I will bring an interesting topic, and I already have my idea for the day, to the show and I will start blogging and then work on the post actively with my chat’s support and ideas.

We will see how goes. It could be great, and I think that it will, or it could be a total bust. But hey, if you have an idea – go for it.

Getting the Cult into Classic WoW

Tonight was an absolute blast. You put me and a ton of WoW noobs from my stream into Azeroth and we are going to have a good time. So far Classic WoW is living up to the past hype: especially because I get to play with stream followers that have no idea what is going on. It is just like how it used to be. A world full of total randos; not the MLG infested crowd that is WoW today. The experience is surreal.

To start, the start is brutal. Every time I get a new player to log on WoW I have to explain to them how to grab the quests and how to grind. It certainly get annoying, but I don’t really mind as I am having so much fun getting people into this amazing game. It is a sacrifice that I am willing to make.