My Stay in Portland

This weekend my buddy Tony and I drove up to Portland to visit our friend Mike. The drive was nice; I cannot stress just how beautiful the Pacific Northwest really is. We left in the morning and after about four and half hours in the road we arrived in Portland.

Surprisingly it didn’t rain the whole weekend, which is rare as rain is frequent there. This was nice though as it really allowed us to enjoy the city.

First Mike took the two of us along a hike in Forest Park. The park has over 26 miles of trails, making it the longest city park in the West Coast by far. We only walked a couple miles of it, but I am still beat. That was enough walking for a couple months for me.

Later on we went and watched the best worst movie of all time, Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” at Portland’s local theater “Cinema 21.” At first it started off a little slow, but a couple minutes in a crew of die-hard fans showed and began the barrage of spoons. The movie was magical. Even more than the first time I watched it. Both Tony and I are going to come watch the movie again in Portland. I highly recommend everyone to not only watch the movie, but see it at a local theater with friends.

The next day was even better. After having a good time walking around downtown and checking out the local sites, we went over a house show and saw some bands in a basement.

The venue was named the “Thai Kitchen” as the owners of the house found a neon sign that had been thrown away with the words “Thai Kitchen” on it. The guys hung it up in the basement and a new concert hall had been born. Welcome to Portland.

The first band was an aggressive talking, spoken word sort of band, the second was “Animals in the Attic” a sort of vibe surf rock band, and the third was Jah’di with Radio Phoenix which was a funky positive energy rap band.

All the bands were fun and the show was complete of course with a “Fuck Donald Trump” thrown in there, so I’d say we definitely got the full Portland Experience.

By the end of the weekend I had had a fun time but I was ready to go home. Portland is a very fun place to visit, but at this point after living in D.C. for two years I have had my fill of living directly in the heart of cities. As for me its back to the country for a bit and then I will be in Southern California soon as well. But eventually I will return to Portland to throw more plastic spoons at the screen in Cinema 21 and hopefully something will be cooking in the Thai Kitchen as well.


Until next time,


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