My message to D.C.

I still remember the moment Donald Trump came down his escalator and announced his bid for the Presidency of the United States. Everyone was laughing, except me. Oddly enough I liked him more than so many of the Republican candidates. He seemed real to me unlike the others, especially Jeb. Did you know in Florida they call him “Jeb?” True story apparently.

Over the summer Trump made headlines. He said this and he said that and everyone said that it would be over. It would be the end. No one could support such a politically correct candidate. He would fall and he would not be the next President of the United States. Oh but they were all wrong.

As I write this post Donald J. Trump is being inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. So I want to say this to everyone I went to school with back in DC. I called it.

Further, the amount of bullshit I dealt with in D.C. talking about Trump’s ability to win, mind you not even direct support, made me the subject of so many personal attacks. I will never forget the slander thrown at me during that campaign season.

In fact in some ways I have to thank you people. Your personal attacks on Trump supporters was largely a part of what made the campaign successful. When you force a dog into a corner, it doesn’t lie down, it digs in its heels. Americans grew sick of all this politically correct self-righteous bullshit and they responded. The idea that liberals (and yes this is a problem that the left has generated) speak perfectly and strictly about anyone and everything without ever saying anything improper is insane. So many people I know that are like this say everything perfectly publicly, but privately they are much different, dare I say racist/sexist/homophobic/other various ists/isms? But with the Trump crowd you get what you hear. They certainly aren’t perfect, and honestly they aren’t racists, they are real people with real concerns and they often speak loosely. But this is in the interest of voicing their concerns and actually getting things actually done.

For too long problems in America have been festering such as illegal immigration issues, failing schools, America’s place in the world and its role in defining the global order, Radical Islamic terrorism, America’s staggering debt, unemployment, the shrinking middle class and the coagulation of wealth at the top, the prison population and violence in cities, our nation’s drug problem, and the growing social and cultural divide in America just to name a few.

President Donald Trump has much work to do. We shall see if he can pull it off and truly make America great again, and we all should hope he does. America really has a lot of problems right now and those Americans that wish for the President to fail are childish. Grow up and “hope” for your country’s success.

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