IRL Streams

Today I had my first foray into the world of IRL streaming. I started my show off with the attempt of live blogging which failed instantly as I just flat cannot talk and write simultaneously. However all was not lost. With the aid of my chat we quickly recovered the show and gave it exciting new content: manbuns.


We tried to find pictures of Einstein with a manbun but we just kept getting Hitlers with manbuns. The internet really is a strange place. Regardless we moved on to Jared Leto (naturally) and then to a discussion on tattoos. From there we watched the trailer to M Night Shamamanananamamalyan’s Split and next we were watching video explanations of how clutches work. In essence, the stream was totally random. Oh, and I forgot to mention that somewhere in there I did a kid’s Physics Homework. High school was a long time ago but damn I still got it baby.

In my opinion the show was a total hit. There was a smaller crowd than usual but I honestly think it will grow larger in the coming weeks/months. Interaction with chat was always what I prided my stream on when it was good, and with the focus being entirely on chat now that I no longer have to even play video games is going to be great. At the very least I am going to give IRL streaming a solid attempt even if some of these days bring low turnout. It’s going to be fun regardless. I don’t know if I want to keep doing homework though. I feel like I used my brain too much today. But it’s okay I am busily killing off more brain cells via Vanilla World of Warcraft to counterbalance the positive mental exercise of today.

As for tomorrow I am going to do another IRL stream. I plan for it to be news related. Today was called “Real Talk” which is a great stream title, but I need a different one for tomorrow. I have not decided on the name title yet but I am leaning towards “Objective Bias.”

Tune in Tomorrow. Get Woke.

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