If you have an idea – go for it

Today I had a slow stream. It wasn’t terrible, but it was slower than my past streams. Partly this was due to it being a monday, partly this was due to my inconsistency last week because I was sick, and partly because it just was slow. It got me thinking. I need a new idea. I can’t just do the same show day after day. That gets old. So I thought. I came up with a few ideas, but none really looked like they were money. Until I just got this new one: Blog live.

I love interacting with my chat. It is the single most fun part of streaming to me and honestly it is why I stream. Streaming would not be fun without it, and the days when chat is dead, like today, are the most boring times I experience as streamer. This got me thinking. I’m going to combine my blog with my stream. I will bring an interesting topic, and I already have my idea for the day, to the show and I will start blogging and then work on the post actively with my chat’s support and ideas.

We will see how goes. It could be great, and I think that it will, or it could be a total bust. But hey, if you have an idea – go for it.

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