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Today is January 12, 2017. This marks the day I return to blogging after a long slumber. Now this makes it sound as if I used to be a baller blogger, this is true, but really I used to blog for fun back in my high school days. At the time I started blogging it was indicative of classic me: always interested in something new, but only for so long. I blogged hard for a few weeks but then I got lazy and retired off into the sunset.

It has been 7+ years since my last foray into the Blogosphere and I believe I am ready to give it a better shot. I have greatly improved on my long-running fault of not concentrating on one subject by graduating both college and grad school, as well as being a twitch streamer for close to 2 years. I intend for this blog to be something that my followers of my twitch stream would enjoy reading, but also to be more general such that anyone can enjoy these posts, regardless of prior affiliation with me. Stay tuned, more posts are on their way.


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